Thursday, 21 June 2012

Higher Education in India

Queue for Education ? Things changing !!
Any developing nation has its own problems in terms of academics, education & stumbling blocks to tackle. India education is no different when industry of education is worth of around 50 million dollars. This is a healthy figure when education used to seem more modern & updated following western patterns. Now, things have become clearer in terms of quality & reach when the proof of expansion of education sector is in sync with the takers of learning. The gap of rural & urban learning is shortening when we see more and more opportunities in job market.

Arrival of distance education in India has also worked wonderfully to make sure any aspirant is not lagged behind owing to resources. Things changed rapidly since the IT boom in the country. Walking in tandem with colleges & courses in India is online education mode, known as E-learning. Higher education in India has shook hands with these online education sites have reached study rooms like never before & internet has fuelled online mode of learning in various university courses across the nation.

Dynamic industrial scenario is acting up as the red carpet for foreign companies to recruit the best of Indian talent. It also could be understood as a parameter of word-class level of learning in the country. Partnerships of home-grown universities with famous universities across the globe balloon the bar of quality. Wide spectrum of PG, UG and diploma courses has become quite popular among people; something not so much in demand in the past.


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