Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Professional Courses India - Computer Forensics

Professional Courses India - Computer Forensics
Computer forensics in India is one area that Indian government must take very seriously. Presently, the educational system of India is not conducive to produce sufficient number of computer forensics professionals courses in India. In fact, there are very few educational institutions that are providing computer forensics courses in India.

Another related problem is that the higher legal education in India is not only outdated and needs urgent reforms but also suffering from corrupt practices. PhDs in India are dying due to indifferent attitude of Indian government towards these vices of educational system of India.

The need of the hour is to bring educational reforms in India on the one hand and development of techno legal skills development in India on the other hand. Although the legal fraternity of India is getting serious yet legal education in India is getting worst.

In the absence of a pro active role by the traditional educational systems of India, private players have to fill the gap. However, even private initiatives in this regard are not enough.

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  1. Higher Education in India needs a solid framework to execute the education wish list.For example, the overall employment growth in India got tremendous hike because of the computer courses after 12 India.These courses worked in favour of higher education in India which ultimately is the result of computer courses.