Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vocational Courses in India

Vocational Courses in India
In a developing nation like India, technical education in India plays an important role in shaping the road of progress. Vocational courses are such courses which fit a great gap between the budding need of India education sector & job market. Especially after class 12th when many of us are keen to make a mark on ‘practical as well as technical’ know-how of what we really want to excel in, vocational courses come to the rescue. These courses really work amazingly when we wish to utilize our part-time to the maximum. The practical approach of Vocational Education training (VET) institutes gel well with the training program, yielding wiser us.

In the system of education in India,the major drawer of these courses are that anyone who is working could also join the course& online mode, beside morning & evening session of classes work best with his/her daily routine. There are some institutes which also assist students financially in their pursuit of vocational education. Time has changed since 90s when people used to look vocational courses as step-brothers of regular education but as India progressed, technical as well as expert people are being sought-after like never before. Business specialization training program is the driving force of these vocational courses in India when India is opening arms for new choices & milestones.

Some of the vocational courses in India, in demand, are listed as below:-

• Animation.
• Hospitality management.
• Insurance courses.
• Courses in actuarial science.
• Health management courses.
• Short term networking courses.
• Beauty courses.
• Advanced diploma in accessory and lifestyle products
• Textile designing courses.
• Diploma in mechanical stream.
• Diploma in electronics stream.
• Diploma in electrical stream

Even if we look at these courses from career point of view, importance of such vocational specializations are instrumental in honking skills as well. A number of companies are attentive in order to expose their employees to such expert courses leading to better chances of growth in office and life.

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