Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Professional Courses after 12th - Forensic Sciences career India

Higher Education India & Forensic Science Career
To look into a crime incident, new principles & technologies have come up. But by the same token there need to be a great professional approach is required. This is where Forensic science comes to the fore with path breaking scientific principles to solve the case. These professional courses in India pave way for experts understand the cooperation factor with police & court as well. Relevance of forensic experts is also utilized in various civil cases.

 There have been new laws in the country since India, in the light of crime graph hike. So it is required to follow & create new technologies
to tackle with the culprit. When it comes to career prospects in Forensic science, there is no dearth of good paying service jobs. With the blend of Information technology its spectrum has also became widespread & now it is not just being instrumental in catching the criminal but also in getting the best knowledge possible by its wonderful approach. Higher Education in India also gives an important place as forensic science involves investigating a crime by applying scientific principles. There are many career options in Forensic Sciences in India:

• Crime scene investigation
• Forensic pathology/medicine
• Forensic anthropology
• Forensic psychology and psychiatry
• Forensic dentistry
• Clinical forensic medicine
• Forensic entomology
• Forensic serology
• Dactyloscopy
• Forensic linguistics
• Forensic engineering
• Forensic art


To have a bachelor degree in Forensic sciences, one is supposed to have forensic science, biology, chemistry, criminalities or a related natural or physical science discipline.

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