Saturday, 21 July 2012

Professional Courses in India - Fashion photography

Career as a Professional Photographer
Gone are the days when career in fashion used to be a second-rated course stream. One needs not to be an Engineer or rocket scientist, as prerequisites, for it. On a serious note, one could think about fashion much before graduation. Education in India has the great support of a number of institutes & colleges which offer fashion courses ranging from diploma to degree level.

The prominent thing in professional career, which is required for a good fashion photographer is the ability to visualize well. Details in shade, silhouette and shadows should be easily grasped & to work with set deadlines are very important. The mass appeal of fashion photography courses needs no introduction & it is the youth which is highly attracted with it. Riding high on this popularity there are studios which take care of whatever is needed from a brain child of getting into fashion to becoming a professional fashion photographer.

The very zeal to get a break from conventional career choices, is inching towards photography career. The camera, lenses and other equipments are the factors which are making into the wish list of young people. When it comes to areas of work – one could easily slip into avenues in newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, fashion houses etc. Besides, one could start on his own as well because there are so many freelance works are available in the industry.


Like any industry, income here is also dependent on the quality one has. After 12th, the fashion photography courses are coming as one of most sought-after professional courses in India. By the same token, quality & finesse are observed in regards with remuneration. But it has been seen that one could easily earn Rs. 8,000 to Rs.15.000 per month in the initial phase of professional life. Established ones could easily get anywhere between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 13,000 per day


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