Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Rural Education in India

In a country like India, education is the foremost ingredient to continue attraction from the world, not just from economic point of view but also if we need to get the best out us. A great base of education in India would usher in a much revived quality of life when more than half of our country lives in villages. And interested figure is that more than 80 percent of this population is dependent on government sponsored educational institutions.

In the rural areas fields are everything. People go for work on the field due to no food in the home. In rural Ares, the education is for name sake only. There are few schools, which are run by government. The condition of these schools is also not good. Irregular, irresponsible teacher, broken blackboard, less chalks and books etc. are the common things in the rural schools. If anyone wants to pursue college or any higher degree then he/she have to leave village and move to big cities, which leads brain drain. Most important, there is no electricity available in the many rural areas for working and studying.

This makes their lives dark from sunset to the next sun-rise. Since, students can't study, they fail to compete with their urban counterparts and remain there for ever as poor people of India.

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