Tuesday, 10 July 2012

India Education Development

In India, there have been a number of instances when education system experienced new improvements. Since the year of 1947, there have been some loopholes but now there is overhauled system in the country. Right from the primary to higher secondary level of education, we have been seeing new upgrades. The standard classroom education has changed to E learning and more of computer literacy has come into consideration. But, this change only is limited to the private institutions. The government schools have yet to react on the budding trend.

Improvement and development are not only limited to modern urban India education. Development starts from reforming the underdeveloped areas and helping the underprivileged. Educational changes needs to cater to the rural masses. Literacy not only enables one to stand on his own feet but also contributes to the world wide economy. Children today are the future of tomorrow. They need to be taken care of for the nation to flourish. Health of children is affected because of the in human conditions of the public schools. Poor quality of education be it in terms of books, teachers, classrooms all need to be looked upon. Teachers need to be qualified enough to teach the children who only rely on the tutors knowledge.

Government school teachers need to be paid decent for them to teach in these schools. Infrastructural changes must at least cater to human conditions.Same holds true for various education courses.When we vouch for the fact of being leaders in IT, we nneed to maintain quality of computer courses in India.Because with the changing times, we also need to focus where we lagging & what are our stronger points.

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