Monday, 30 July 2012

Study Program USA

US Visa - Studying in USA
Like any other foreign national, the wish to visit a foreign country is always in the back of our minds. And when it comes to a country like the US, lay man wishes to know everything about ‘hows’ of being in US .The relevance gets boost also when the purpose & studying in US is the top priority of thousands of students as they wish to study abroad.

The very thing we need to appease our wanderlust if to get a visa, especially when one wished to fly beyond higher education in India. It is required when one is a foreigner to
enter the US of America. Although a visa does not cement the chance to get into the demography of America but it surely indicates that the application for visiting US has been determined for the very purpose you have. It is the work of the American embassy or consulate, under U.S. Department of State, based in your city.

A visa allows you to travel to the United States as far as the port of entry (airport or land border crossing) and ask the immigration officer to allow you to enter the country. Only the immigration officer has the authority to permit you to enter the United States. He or she decides how long you can stay for any particular visit. Immigration matters are the responsibility of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Now let’s come to know about the types of US visas issued;-

There are 2 types of US visas. One is Immigrant & the other is non-immigrant.
The basic different between these two is that Immigrant visas are issued for those people whose intention is to settle permanently in the US. Whereas non-immigrant, as the name implies, is when the purpose is short-living like studying in US, business, tourism, etc.

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