Saturday, 14 July 2012

Vocation Training Courses in India

Vocational training programs are educational courses that prepare individuals for jobs or careers into varied trades and crafts. Architecture, banking, medicine, pharmacy, engineering, etc., are some of the popular programs. These courses empower a student with the technical expertise required for a particular field. With more and more students turning to career oriented courses, the demand for vocational training has gone up in India. Many students are choosing these courses over traditional degree level courses. Therefore, vocational education has become an integral part of the overall education system in India.

Three of the most popular vocational training courses in India programs include: 

 1. Banking Banking is one sector that has undergone dramatic changes in the last few years. The improvement in technology and the banking reforms introduced globally has made the sector more adept in providing better services to clients. The new age banking is completely customer and technology oriented. Acknowledging this change, the need for expert banking and finance professionals has gone up. The vocational banking certification course revolves around rendering the student with a comprehensive knowledge on banking, mathematics & accounting, business communication and professional skills, retail banking, technology solutions etc.

2. Accountancy The accounting practices followed in the contemporary days are far ahead of the traditional practices. The use of complex software and high technology has created a new account profile or the need for professional accountants. A vocational training program in accountancy encompasses a comprehensive insight into the financial world that gets you a headstart in your career as an accountant. If you want to pursue a career in the field of Accountancy, it is very vital for you to secure a professional degree from a reputed institute. A number of vocational training programs provider offers Professional Accounting Courses that not only gives you insight into the industry but also render you the necessary soft skills, professional skills, and techniques for a successful career as an accountant.

3. IT and Telecom A number of vocational training programs, diploma programs and certifications can be obtained to enter the IT and Telecom industry. Some of the most demanding among them include .NET, SQL, SharePoint, Windows 2008, MS Office 2010 etc.

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